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Thanks for the great company as always!- B

Lovely to see you again and thank you for some beautiful time!
Phil x

Thank you for an amaing afternoon.David xxx

So nice seeing you,take care xx R

Thanks for the wonderful time Nicola.Thanks for everything.

Many thanks for a wonderful evening.M x

Just wanted to say Thanks for the wonderful time yesterday.It was like a dream:)
Take care.Best wishes.

It was nice meeting you.I had a wonderful time with you.Thanks.Raj

Hi Nicola.A happy new year to you. It was great to see you again on the last day of 2011. Thanks for the amazing time we had and also our chat about 2012. I have made a New Years resolution to see you more this year. Love R xxx

Hi Nic,lovely to see you after all these years.Just as wonderful as ever.Dx

Hi Nicola. It was a wonderful experiance to celebrate your birhday with you last week. I am glad you liked the setting and the presents. I shall always remember it.Hope to see you again soon. Love Roy xxx

Hi Nicola.
Thank you for such a wonderful weekend.
So lovely to see you again.
Love as always.D xxx

Thank you Nicola for today,really nice seeing you,look forward seeing you again soon.
S xxx

Hi Nicola,
Thanks for fantastic time yesterday afternoon.You were everything I expected and more.I can`t wait to see you again.

Thanks for the fabulous time!God bless you!B

Hi Nicola. It was great to see you yesterday. The time went by so quickly and the GFE was an amazing way to start the new year. You looked stunning in the Purple dress, but it didn`t take long to get it off with the " sexy strip", you performed, which really got me aroused. Thanks again and see you again soon. Roy xxxx

Hi Nicola
I just wanted to thank you for the lovely time I had with you a short while ago. You were a delight to be with and chat to. Hopefully I can come and see you again before too long.
Thanks again.

Nicola thanks for a great afternoon.R x

Thank you Nicola for a great time spent with you yesterday. Even when exchanging Christmas presents produced sexual undertones. These led to some wonderful foreplay before finally onto an amazing climax It was a truly great GFE. Hope to see you soon. Have an enjoyable Christmas and may all your dreams come true in the new year, you deserve it. Roy xxxx

Many thanks for the other evening,it was most enjoyable and relaxing.
Kind regards,

Thanks for the fabulous time.Really appreciate it.Happy Holidays and New Year to you! Take care,Sweetie!B

Hi Nicola
Thanks for the meeting this evening-I really did enjoy our time together,and will definitely get in touch again to arrange another visit and some more intimate time together.
All good wishes.

Hi Nicola and Baletta. Thank you two very sexy girls for making my first 3some such a sexational experience. It was amazing and such a turn-on. I hope for a repeat performance again soon. Roy xxxx

Thank you for a wonderful evening.I look forward to a seeing you again soon!G x

Hi Nicola. I had a wonderful time when I saw you last Saturday. It was a great start to the new year, you really turned me on looking so sexy and the time seemed to go so Quickly. Stay Warm till I see you again. Roy xxx

Hi Nicola,thanks for tonight! ;)u were really nice and understanding and I am glad I met u.Take care! xx from Ed

Dear Nicola,Wishing you a very Happy Christmas & New Year.looking forward to many more enjoyable time in 2010 with your tantric(or other!)self,
x Jon

.*"" ""*.
* HUG *
" "
+. .+
Send this Christmas hug to someone you care about.....I just did! Merry Christmas.G.Xxx

Have a fantastic Xmas.May 2010 bring all your dreams to reality.Pat X

Hey Kweek Feet yesterday was lovely.Thank you for my present and have a good Christmas! Peter the red xxx

Thnak you.I feel very alive!See you soon.
Pat x

Thank you very much for the gorgeous massage on Monday.You have the magic touch! Ian x

Thanks for a fantastic massage,was the best I ever had.B x

Hi Nicola,thank you for a lovely massage and a very happy relaxing time.
Alex x

Hi Nicola,
Thanks for this afternoon.I really enjoyed seeing you again.
M x

Hi Nicola. I had an amazing time spent with you recently. You looked stunning in the Red body-stocking that you had on. From the kissing and cuddling, through every stage to the final explosive climax you gave 100%. You are a truly wonderful and beautiful girl. I am surely a very lucky Guy to know you. Roy xxx

Hi Nicola.It was really great to see you again.You are a very beautiful and nice person.I hope I can see you again soon. Mauro.Xx

Hi Nicola,
Just thought I'd drop you a quick note to say thanks for an amazing evening! You were everything a guy could wish for! Hope to see you again very soon.
All the best!
John xxx

Hi Nicola.I enjoyed every minute of our time together,when you came to visit me last week. You certainly know how to please a guy with your sexual experience and body to die for. The GFE you give,is the best available,and the time spent with you went all too quickly. Can`t wait till the next time. Roy xxxx

Hi Nicola.It was really good to see you again.You are very nice,and I hope to meet up with you again soon.

Hi Nicola. Thanks for the wonderful hour spent with you yesterday, it certainly lived up to my expectations with the 100% service you always give. I hope to have a repeat perfomance in the near future. Love Roy xxx Ps.I like the new Pics

Hi Nicola.Thank you for a lovely time again,I really enjoy being with you,and look forward to seeing you again soon.Love Mauro.xx

Hi Nicola.Every time We meet I enjoy it more.I think you are a really beautifull and nice woman.And I look forward to meeting you again soon.Mauro xx

Hi Nicola.Thank you for an amazing hour spent with you at the beginning of the month.You looked stunning in the black outfit you wore,although it wasn`t on for long,before giving me a wonderfull "Girl Friend Experience".What a wey to start the new year! I hope for a repeat performance in the near future.Love.Roy xxx

Hi Nicola.Thank you for your company and for a really good time.Every time I see you I enjoy it more.You are very nice and I like you a lot.Hope to see you again soon.Love Mauro xx

Hi Nicola.Thank you for another fantastic time.And thank you for the gift.I will certainly enjoy it.You are an amazing woman,and I love every minute I spend with you.I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hello Nicola,
I belated thank you for a really nice time on Weds last.Despite the frustrations in finding your rather elusive place it was worth in the end.You certainly know how to please a man.Such skills! I envy the man you eventually settle with.
Well,I hope I can meet you again in the near future once I have seved up my pennies.
In the meantime,take care.
Kind regards.

Thanks you again for a lovely time.You are amazing to be with.Hope I can see you again soon.Mauro xx

Wow feel like im on a cloud,you will end up turning me into a sex maniac,keep up the good work,thanks again & see you soon.Mxx

Hi Nicola.I had a gr8 time,thanks.

Hi babe,
Amazing evening.Thank you so much.
Love and pussy kisses.

Thanks for an enjoyable evening last night.I loved our chat and the two hours we spent together.
I also enjoyed the fact you didnt clock watch and being with you felt really comfortable and not like an appointment.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Rob xxx

It was great! Thanks! D xxx

Sweetie,you brought me back to life,as the saying goes.Many thanks.Hope i can see you again.Garry x

It was great again. Thanks! W

Thank you Nicola for a wonderful time when I saw you at the weekend. You looked gorgeous in that dress and the experience I had was amazing. I look foreward to comeing again soon for a repeat performance. W xxx

Hi Nicola.I just wanted to say Thank You for this afternoon.It was really wonderful and i could have gone for hours because you`re amazing.Thanks.Robert

Hi Nicola,thank U 4 a great time to day. Be good till I C U again.
Roy xxx

Hi Nicola.Thank you for a lovely time.Can`t stop thinking about you in that dress!! See you soon. David xxxx

Thank you,that was perfect!D x

Thank u Nicola 4everything U were lovely 2day. Roy xxx

Thank you for a lovely evening Nicola,see you again very soon. Andrew xxx

Hi Nicola! Thank you for a wonderful time.Have a fantastic Xmas & New Year.I look forward to seeing you again soon. D xxxxx

Hi Nic,it was gr8.Thank u! C u again.
Love Ian xxxxx

Thank for the wonderful time sweetie-take care,B x

Nice to see you Nicola-see you soon.Kevin x

I couldn't believe my luck when you turned up at my Hotel last weekend. You looked sensational and after two hours of amazing service in my room I felt extremely relaxed and satisfied, loved every moment of it! I hope we can have a repeat perfomance in the near future, when I am on my own again in London.William xxx

Thank you Nicola.Maybe i`ll see you soon.Ricky x

Dear Nicola
Thanks for the wonderful time,i had this evening although i didnt get to perfom as per usual i really enjoyed our time together.
All my love.
Steve XXX

Hi Nicola.Hope U enjoyed last night as much as me! Be good Roy xxx

Good 2 see u again Nicola.Graham x

Thanks for letting me you.All the best with your entrepreneur ventures.
Chris x

Hi Nicola.GR 8 2 C U today in your new place:And service i rely on,also thanks 4 a GR 8 time. Roy xxx

Thank you,really enjoyed my time.Quite frankly not what i expected.Hope to see you again.Gary x

Thanks Nicola 4 everything.It was great to CU 2day.B.good.

Hi Nicola.It is always a pleasure to come and see you. Not only for the obvious reasons,but also because you are such a lovely person.Take it easy Nicola.
Andrew x

Nic,thanks for today!Absolutely fantastic!I am kicking myself for not seeing you earlier! I found you the most enjoyable experience.In my humble opinion,you are the best by far! I will certainly see you again!
Pete XX

You certainly are a very sexy lady,and you lived up to your description,V sexy,V experienced,naughty but V nice, when i came to see you recently at your flat in Watford. When i saw you in those High Heels with those long legs it really blew my mind,and the service you gave was sensational,you have a Body to die for and you know how to use it to maximum a advantage,to turn any man on and give himan outstanding climax! I hope to see you again soon for a repeat perfomance that was well worth time and money.

Dear Nicola, it was so lovely to see you, musn't leave it so long next time, Love Adrian xxxx

See your in Watford again for two weeks from 5th July, well i will be saving my pennies to see you again, I remember the two hours we had last October ! Still get horny thinking about it ! See you soon Nicole, love Robertxx

Hi Nicola, Many thanks for another great evening. Hope to be seeing you again soon.
Ken xxx

Hi Nicola. It was great to see U again. When you sat on my face I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.Wonderful sevice. cant wait to C U again.

everything perfect.Very tidy and clean (tasty)downstairs.

Really amazing! Keep working.I enjoyed me visit.

Hey Nicola, just wanted to thank you for saturday night, it was great meeting you.
See you soon...

Hi Nicola, What a wonderful evening we had together - just what I needed after a long day.You have a perfect body and know what to do with it.
Hope to see you again soon, in the mean while I will keep an eye on your site. Best wishes, Ken

Hi Nicola,meeting with you like something which was planned in eternity.I was accepting something very ordinary from you but what I got was such a special that I am going to cherish it forever.I don't know I will meet you again or not but the things we shared will certainly give me a new dimension towards the way I have been thinking about sex for ages.I wish you all the happiness in the world.

I can still smell the Angel scent all over my apartment. Nicola was very smooth and gentle with this first timer. Unhurried and wonderfully imaginative in bed. She really knows how to press a guy's buttons. I'll need to start saving now as that was my treat to me from me with love to me and what a treat! Thank you beautiful lady from the guy with the Dreamcatcher xX

Hi Nicola. It was great to see you again yesterday, looking stunning and the service was 100%.Cant wait to cum again, see you soon, I hope.
Roy XX

Hi Nicola, I came to you over a month ago, and just wanted to say... thank you. I will be back soon. You were absolutely fantastic :)

did have a wonderful time, genuinely sexy

Nicola is absolutely stunning - the best ever and i want to marry her!

Nice and thought filled site you`ve got here!...

pretty good! totally clean shaven which was a treat. No 'A' but pleanty of covered 'O' will be back.

Nicola is a great woman and she just loved receiving and oral again and again...and I just so loved giving it - she is great kisser and very fit so truly like being with a very hot girlfriend...Love the Man who got lost....

shaved for me. awesome hr.

Nicola is far more attractive in the flesh than on her website. Very cute and very hot! Fab 1 hour. The Frenchman.

Thanks for giving Sarah and I such a good time on Thursday. Sarah loved the attention you gave her and watching the two of you pleasure me was fantastic. Bernie.

Fantastic afternoon, love you to bits!!
Posted a review on Punterlink #1036, sorry but got your web address wrong! Ooops!
Charles xx

came all over her tits!!
great 1 hr of fun.


Once again I had a great time last night - 2 hours of bliss. You are so good to be with. I look forward to our overnight as soon as i have the pennies!!


good bj

Thank u nic. you taste like nectar. v.tidy too!



I had a great time last night. You are one of the most sensuous lushous and sexy women I have ever met.

I hope to see you again soon.

C x

Hi Nicola - thank you for a wonderful hour. I had never met you before - I had just seen your website. As soon as you walked in the room, I knew I was in for a good time and that I would like you. You are as beautiful as you are sweet and the hour went by in a flash. Thanks for a lovely time. N xx

Thanks for such a good time. Hope to see you again soon = Paul

U look so hot i wish you were mine for ever. I cant wait to see you. watch out baby here i cum!!!

Yes ! I would really like to see you New years day, will sort things out, and e-mail u ! Peter x

Love ur new pics xxx

Nicola xx

That's Vernon Kay, in case you were wondering - in the last post

Great time! Vernon

Am just a guy on holiday in Thailand, where there are thousands of pretty girls, but your mona lisa smile,makes me wish i was back in dear ole blighty ! Hope to see you soon lol Mr M xx

Upon your creation,God broke the mold
a beautiful vision to behold.
The envy of both Kings and Queens
for a beauty so fair they would risk many things.
Beauty so fair cannot be duplicated
though many have tried they have as yet to make it.
You enter a room and men fight for a try
to have one so lovely stand by their side.
But the beauty that I find I cannot deny
is the beautiful heart that is kept deep inside.
It`s the beautiful heart of the fairest of Queens
a beauty reserved just for fairy tale dreams.

When i look in your eyes i see love that`s so true
it outweighs all physical beauty seen in you.
You see,true beauty is not found in magazines
it cannot be whipped up with make-ups and creams.
True beauty`s a blessing,a gift from above
and can only be seen through the kind eyes of love.
And my vow to you now so the whole world can see
is to treat you with the same love and respect you show to me.
Love so strong it weakens the strongest of men
I feel my love for you groving again and again.
If i have but one wish to wish before i die
I`d wish for just one kiss,from someone as wonderful as you...

That's Charles Tucker the Third, in case you were wondering - in the last post.

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed seeing you and that i though you a really beautiful young woman.Those eyes and lips of yours are totally lovely and you have a warm and friendly personality which i found comoletely wonderful.
I shall,if i may,try and see you again before too long.
My sincere thanks and warmest wishes.
CharlesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHi Nicola, You're the very best!

Really nice and good looking girl. Not the best BJJ but awesome when we got down to it.

See you soon Nicola xxxxx

Monty Burns

Ms Nicola, you're a really cool lady - Thanks for helping me lose my virginity at long last.

Nicola is a really, really lovely girl. She made me feel at ease as a first timer and is truly beautiful.

Looks, brains...could you be more perfect Nic? I doubt it.

Waylon Smithers

Re: request below, best you come and see me for the REAL thing ! Nicola any chance of some saucy pics your gorgeous

Lovely, lovely girl - a true GFE with the body of a Xindi.

Would love to see what she looked like with a green body but, she's still heavenly.

Lots of kisses - Johnathan Archer xMmm...yummy Nic! Cant wait ti cu again

Carles Tucker x

Love you!

Hoshi Sato


Very lovely - good body.

Hamza el T'Pol

Nic, do you have any vids or pics 4 sale? Much love x

ur lovely

Nicola, when I made the appointment to see you yesterday, I was feeling some what low, work, family ect,Well, I came away with a spring in my step, and a grin on my face the size of my local pub ! Thank U ! I wish you well in Watford, Simon x

Sorry Nicola - From the 'race' multiple poster last night.

What I did was uncalled for and I'm very sorry.

You have nothing to be ashamed of. Sorry.

Hai baby, I am Abu from Pakistan and I have much pleasure form looking at you.

You are very beautiful and please look afta you.

Love, Abu


Hi sexy. thanks for a great time yesterday. take care and see you soon

xBabe - you're stunning. You just look, WOW!!! Mohammhed

Yum! Marry me Nicola!!!

Nicole u r *lush* - thank you for a great time

She is ! Saw her several times in Bournemouth, MAGIC ! steve

How com u r so expensive? U must b good!

hi nicola you did not tell where you from.and your face is not clear.but i think you are very nice and hot.

hi Nicole,
Vey nice

You look wonderfull.just hope i can make it for your class.

hi nicole.i am happy to see that i can have good fun in watford.i am in watford and noww will be making an appointment soon.
sexy hot but shy p.

not if i get there first matey !

you and me will be for ever

Wow ! Glad to see you coming to Watford, Im in St Albans, and look forward to seeing you soon, lol Tom x

Hi Nicola.
I've found your website at last. I am so pleased that you have come back to the UK. I look forward to many more passionate encounters in the future when you can continue my education. With love from Andreas

Nice photographs babe , If ya interested in a boyfriend i know this fine 28 yo guy in bournemouth ;)

Nicola,what can i say ? Bliss is the word that comes to mind ! thanks for last nite, and never ever thought i would pay for more than 2 hours, but having spent such a AMAZING time with you, I think my birthday (next month)mite find me getting totally engrossed withyou for the full 12 hours ! Hope I can get myself fit before then! I will contact you very soon, and thanks again ANGEL ! luv Sean xI just want to say thanks to the person who was posting advertisements here, and has stopped in response to my request. Nicola My time with Nicola went far too quickly. You are a very nice person and I enjoyed our time together. Look forward to the next time. P

hi nicole i visited you a couple of weeks ago and you are very good thank you very much hope to see you soon rob

Nicola, what can I say ? just thanks for yesterday, I forgot wot good sex wus like ! See you soon Gary xx

Entry on DORSETSEX WEBSITE (9/5/05) Hiya gang, finaly got to meet the beautiful Nicola in Bournemouth on Sunday and she was great, a really nice Finnish girl witha sexy giggle who kept me occupied for the whole hour and no rushing, lovely flat and friendly welcome. I will certainly be going back again, and what a great kisser she is to and her long hair is just brill ! thanx for a great time Nicola

Hi Nicola, saw you way back before Xmas in Poole flat.Often visit your site to remind myself of the great hour we spent. All i really remember best is having you sit on my face & my tongue deep in your wet pussy. It was fantastic. Simon

Nicola,so VERY glad you are back ! That two hours we had together in December were the BEST ! Be in touch very soon Mr M. xx

you have a fantastic arse, which I would love to kiss and tongue

hi babe you look great im a bit shy but i soon hope to make an appointment.till then x.

Khalid, please keep this site JUST 4 comments ! You Naughty Boy ! Nicole x

hi hone i am khalid i like u and i love u i want to make a frind ship with u i want more pic for u hony u r a beutyfull u r body and evry thing how about u r pussy and ur ass aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love u r body u have a nice & small ass i love it how about u r pussy tell me i thinking in u r pussy what look like ....................................... dont for get u r pic to send i am wiating u r pic . see u hony . and good luck bay . big kiss u & u r pussy & ur ass .

each time I have seen you Nicole I have been truely on top of the world.Glad to see you kooing great as usual.Good luck with the site and Happy Christmas. XX see you soon I hope R.

wow i can only imagine what ur like, ur hair and body are 10/10, I'll definitely be visiting u soon babe x

hi nicole, love the underwear Si

T3 in my books (totally top totty!) Next time I'm down Dorset way..... ;-P

Hmmmmm babe!

Thanks for a really magical hour Nicole, it really cheered me up ! Next time I shall book the 2hr special. You mentioned you were on holiday in January,will make booking before then, meanwhile you take care, love Peter

Hi Nicole, you are really lovely, wish I didn't live so far away. Charles xx

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